Podcast Episode #13: Major Alternative Daily Announcement, How to Cold Brew Coffee, Get Out of Your Own Damn Way


Today we have a major announcement to make! We are excited to launch The Alternative Daily Organic & Fair Trade Coffee. Listen to this week’s podcast to learn how our specially selected beans contribute to the benefits of this awesome brew! Also, you can win one of our first roast batches, so be sure to listen in!

Want to know what we can take when we’re sick? Jake talks about his supplement regimen and what he takes when he travels.

The California coast is a beautiful part of our country and Jake discusses his travels to Los Angeles, San Clemente, Carlsbad and Escondido and how he ended up at a surf contest.

Austin, Texas isn’t that bad either with a beautiful geographic landscape. Jake shares his struggle with trying to find healthy eating and exercise while in the lone-star state.

Megan gives her 3 Step plan to make the perfect cold brew coffee. It’s so easy and has such an awesome flavor.

Jake goes on a positive rant about getting out of your own way. How to strap up your boots, put your future on your back and actually get things done. We all have an itch that needs to be scratched. We all strive for something more in this life and Jake shares how you can actually go do it!

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