Organic Whipped Butter Gets C+ Health Rating: Go Grass Fed Instead

Earth Balance Organic Whipped Butter….. just the sound of this product makes you “feel” healthy. Surely this butter is better than regular butter, or some other type of buttery spread, after all, it is organic, right?

Well, while the makers of this product, GFA Brands INC. have got a few things right, they miss the mark on others.

We took a closer look at this so-called healthy butter and here is what we found.


This product contains 13 ingredients, which throws up a red flag to begin with:

Oil Blend Expeller Pressed Natural (Soybean(s) Oil ( Organic ), Palm Fruit Oil ( Organic ), Canola Oil ( Organic ), Olive Oil ( Organic )) , Water Filtered, Salt, Soybean(s) Crushed (Organic), Flavor(s) Natural ( Organic ) (MSG Free, Alcohol Free, Gluten Free) corn derived, Soy Lecithin ( Organic ), Lactic Acid (from Beet(s) Sugar) , Annatto Extract for color retention.

The Good News

The good news is that this butter contains naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and is a great source of vitamin E.

The Bad News

The bad news is that this butter has added sugar…. who would have thought that sugar is necessary in butter? In addition, Earth Balance Organic Whipped Butter is made with organic soy lecithin which does not have to be labeled as a soy allergen according to our country’s present labeling regulations.

For some people, even a tiny exposure to soy can set off an immunological response. Health experts warn that it can be just as reactive as gluten. The soybean oil in this product is also exempt from labeling, and it only takes a trace of it as well to trigger a reaction. People who are allergic to soy should stay clear of this product.

butterKeep in Mind

Another important thought to keep in mind when shopping for butter is that there is a difference between grass fed butter and organic butter. Many people pay extra for organic butter thinking that it is a much healthier option.

While it is true that organic butter has fewer contaminants than conventional butter, grass fed butter has a much better nutrient profile than either conventional or organic butter. Butter made from cows that graze on pasture has much higher levels of CLA, a better ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids and more vitamin A and vitamin E.

Consider: Kerry Gold’s Pure Irish Butter is made from milk from grass fed cows. This butter contains 2 ingredients only, pasteurized cream and salt. Simple, pure and healthy… this butter is well worth the little bit more you will spend.

-The Alternative Daily


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